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15 minute toddler triumph!

Hello all.
I am mum to a super little man who, after managing to sit down and eat together over Christmas decided its the was forward for our year, family dining is very important to me but if working, its near impossible to arrive and eat at 5pm!
Welcome Jamies 15 minute meals!! Its the tips and way of cooking thats great and I now cook a soup on a Monday ready for Wednesday etc to plan the week. I am willing to put in the effort for our little family.
My greatest discovery is that due to blitzing most of the veg for pasta sauces etc to decrease cooking times, you create a texture of sauce/food which seems to make my 2 year old very happy to eat just about anything!!
Thanks from us Jamie!

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Re: 15 minute toddler triumph!

Hi Lpeters and welcome to the forums, I couldn't agree more about the importance of sitting down together at mealtimes, (Call me old-fashioned) glad that Jamie has been able to inspire you...

Do hang around and join in....the more the merrier...

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Re: 15 minute toddler triumph!

big_smile  thumbsup

Glad to hear that you and your family are happy with the meals!  It's not the usual post . . . many people seemed rather distressed when their two year olds act like two year olds and turn down certain foods . . . which is sad and also amusing at the same time.

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Re: 15 minute toddler triumph!

Well done Lpeters, and welcome to the forum smile

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