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Political correctness gone mad!

Toby Young – disabled children should be excluded from schools

03TuesdayJul 2012

Posted by Tom Pride in hopeless naivety



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(This is not satire – it’s Toby Young)

Toby Young, writing in The Spectator, thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools.

No – I’m not exaggerating – he really does say that wheelchair ramps in schools are an example of ‘ghastly, politically correct’ inclusiveness.

Sun columnist Toby presumably reckons that educating children who can’t walk would mean more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education in our schools, so much better to exclude them then.

As opposed, presumably, to allowing more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education by accepting children of the rich and influential who fail their exams into exclusive universities? (bear with me for a moment and I’ll explain what I mean by that).

This nonsense about excluding children with disabilities is particularly interesting if you consider the little known fact that it was Toby’s father, Michael Young, who coined the phrase ‘meritocracy‘ – you know the seemingly radical idea that people’s position in society should be based on merit rather than on what family they were born into or what school they went to.

His father, a Labour peer, must be turning in his grave.

Still – Toby likes to boast about how he is a perfect example of how anyone can succeed because he still managed to get a place at Oxford despite failing most of his O’ Levels.

He managed to do this because apparently Brasenose College, Oxford sent him a letter of acceptance ‘by mistake’ (No – I’m not making any of this up).

Of course Toby, you were accepted into Oxford ‘by mistake’.

It had nothing to do with the fact your father was MP and life peer, Baron Young, and your mother a well-known artist, writer and BBC Radio producer.

No – it was just a mistake – the kind of ‘mistakes’ which only seem to happen to the children of the rich, the influential or the well-known.

Toby – I’d like to explain to you why excluding disabled children who use wheelchairs from schools is not one of your best ideas, by making a technical point about biology – clearly one of the O’ Level subjects you must have failed.

People don’t think with their f***ing legs you bonehead.

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Re: Political correctness gone mad!

"Toby Young, writing in The Spectator, thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools."

Toby Young has finally mastered writing??????

I don't believe it!!!!

What a Hammer/spanner/screwdriver...(Tool)..... whistle

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Re: Political correctness gone mad!

abdullahcohn wrote:

Toby Young – disabled children should be excluded from schools


shocked  shocked  shocked  shocked  shocked  shocked  shocked 

Clearly Toby Young has not yet met any disabled children and been able to see for himeself that they are beautiful young people, who, dispite their extreem problems always seem to make the best out of life.
Toby Young should be ashamed of himself for being so discriminatory.

I have had the great pleasure of being a helper for children with cerebal palsey in a Primary school
I have had the great pleasre of helping children with autism at a primary school and I have had the great pleasure of helping other children with special needs in a primary school .

Disabled Children grow up to be disabled adults..... does this mean that Toby Young also thinks that disabled Adults shold not be at university ?
or disabled adults should not be in the workplace .

I am proud to have had the opertunity to have helped children with some sort of problem in school , I am proud not for me, but for the children who dispite having some sort of problem go on with things and got the most out of school life the same as any child would do .
they joined in with all aspects of school life , they went on educational visits and residential trips with the rest of the children , they were no different to any other school child apart from the fact that they did  need a bit more help sometimes .

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Re: Political correctness gone mad!

The thing is he failed his O-levels. Got in to the best University in this country, maybe the world because his mum and dad.
And then he doesn't want kids that can't walk but much smarter than him to go to schools.

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Re: Political correctness gone mad!

You know in the real world what Toby Young is calling for is actually being implemented.
It is SEN makes that sort of discrimination illegal. But SEN has no teeth. No consequences for not complying with it.
It states that schools have to abide by the SEN document but it doesn't say what will happen to the school if they don't.

Our SEN named a C of E school that was all on the ground floor as my child's school. The School agreed and the SEN was drawn up. Just before he was about to start at the school, the school illegally changed its mind, leaving us no time to find another school.
We contacted out LEA but all they did was tell the school that it is illegal for them to withdraw the place.
I told them the LEA again that the school still refuses to let us in and what will the LEA do about it. And they said, "We will just keep telling them it is illegal for them to do so".

What Toby Young is calling for is being implemented right now. That is the only reason why there are children without a mental disability in special schools.

But I have more respect for filth like Toby Young than for the Church of England Schools because he said it straight while the C of E school pretending to do the evil they did for good our best interest.
The school said things like "We do not discriminate against disabled children but will refuse for his best interest." The excuse they used was there is sometimes a step in parts of the school. As apposed to the alternative we had to accept, which involves my son dragging himself up flights of stairs to get to his first floor class room.
That is it, they said because he is at risk of falling of a single step at that school they think he is better of falling of an entire flight of stairs in another school.

When we and the school tried to get the LEA to pay for a lift in the school he goes to now. They refused because they said they don't have a legal obligation to do so because an alternative ground floor school already exists in the borough.
The C of E school which had a legal obligation to take him!
That refuses to take him!
And the LEA did nothing to force them to take him!

It is true Toby Young is nothing but a **** stain on his fathers old underpants but what he called for is what has always been implemented.
The laws on SEN are just slogans. They state discrimination is illegal, but do nothing to punish discrimination when it happens.
Sort of like that old law in France banning women from wearing trousers that has recently been repealed. It was just something on the statute books that doesn't really mean anything.

And you know when Toby Young spoke about how wheel chair ramps dumb down schools?
When they teach Maths at my sons school the divide the class according to abilities.
My son was judged to be in the high ability class, but because that class is taught in a room above he is kept in the lower ability group to reduce the amount of times he would have to go up and down stairs.

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