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#1 Wed 20 Feb 13 1:46pm


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Opinions on various metals used for cookware.


I got a bit of spare cash and I'm thinking of updating my frying pans as one is a little worse for wear and food keeps sticking and the other is practically un-usable as it has a thick layer of "stuff" that I can't scrap off for the life of me.

Currently I have a giant casserole pan, a smaller oval casserole pan, a giant (i.e. can't hold it in one hand) Wok and a small saucepan all made of Enamel Cast Iron from the Le Creuset range at Denbys. I like them and don't mind the weight issue but Enamel coated Cast Iron still has the "stick" issue when frying which I find irritating.

There is therefore room to acquire one or two different sized frying pans and MAYBE a smaller Wok that I can hold in one hand, however the latter might be redundant as the giant Wok is bloody good even if I have to resort to mass stirring as opposed to tossing (which I can't do very well anyway) the food.

Denbys have a 50% sale on at the moment but only for today so I thought I'd get in quickly. I'm looking at the various metals and can't decide which I should opt for for my needs (i.e. lots of frying foods and meat and a hatred for sticking when I leave the pan to do other things). So far I'm thinking Hard Anodized Aluminium pans and I get a 20/24/26cm pan for £17/£21/£24 respectively so it's reasonably cheap (unless someone tells me otherwise).

Edit - Oh I should probably mention. Thanks to Jamie Oliver, the requirements to put things in the oven as well as use on a gas hob are required. I know my Cast Iron Enamel stuff can do both and so can my fully Cast Iron Roasting dish, but it would be handy to do so with frying pans as well.

Could anyone please lend me an expert opinion on the subject?

I do have a couple of stainless steel saucepans but they're old, cheap and frankly I hate stainless steel as it sticks like crazy so they will get chucked out along with the two frying pans mentioned above.

On a side note, does anyone know if knives can be taken to a butchers to get re-sharpened properly? I've tried the S/S sharpening steel and I've even used a tool sharpener and even tried a wetstone recently but my Viners knives never seem to be truly sharp - I would expect my skin at least to be cut when I press it against the blade but it feels blunt as anyway and they do struggle with things like root vegetables.

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Re: Opinions on various metals used for cookware.

Bought a frying pan in two sizes and a saucepan with lid from Denby's 50% off sale online. Also found a 10% off voucher to make up for the delivery costs which helped even more. Looking forward to replacing my old worn crap and supporting my Cast Iron stuff.

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