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Awesome rabbit recipe

I had a Ukrainian house mate for a few month and he cooked rabbit for me once and it was amazing, so i recreated it this week and it was awesome too.

streaky Bacon
sour cream
chicken stock
first cook the bacon until nice and crispy and set aside. in a bowl season some flour and dust the rabbit pieces in the flour and fry in the rendered bacon fat until crispy on the the outside, when done put in your baking dish.  Next in the same pan fry some onion and garlic and then add to the baking dish, chop the cooked bacon and add that too. Depending on the vegetables you want to use add them too (ie carrots go in now, spinach would go in nearer then end of cooking) cover everything with sour cream and some stock. Then cook for an hour or so in the oven, you won't be disappointed. I also added some boiled lentils add the end and some left over cooked brown rice. I served it with garlic roasted broccoli and mash potato.

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Re: Awesome rabbit recipe

Ooh, that does sound good! Every so often I think of getting rabbit - if I do I may well try this recipe.

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