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#1 Fri 08 Mar 13 9:39pm


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succulent prawns and trout

Hi Im trying to locate the method / recipe Jamie used in "summer food rave up" series 2 when he smoked prawns and trout over a tin bucket, with, i think, a water cress salad.We cooked this at the time and everyone loved it but have sadly misplaced our notes. sad Please can anybody help..thanks

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#2 Tue 16 Apr 13 5:59pm


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Re: succulent prawns and trout

can you remember which TV series it was shown on ?

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#3 Tue 16 Apr 13 6:35pm


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Re: succulent prawns and trout

I've asked the food team if they can track it down - might be a little while though as they're all super busy at the moment!

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#4 Tue 16 Apr 13 8:26pm


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Re: succulent prawns and trout

It is listed on the Channel 4 site which isn't available in the U.S., but maybe it is helpful for you?
http://www.channel4.com/programmes/jami … /episode-3

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#5 Tue 16 Apr 13 11:28pm


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Re: succulent prawns and trout

Use a proxie server.

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#6 Wed 17 Apr 13 8:44pm


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Re: succulent prawns and trout

It was pretty easy, coals hot from a barbecue, in a bucket, the trout fillets on a skewer, possibly 2 skewers, I think.
Same with the prawns.
Then a damp tea towel over the top. I hope to do this when the sun comes out.  Can’t remember if wood chips were involved or not.
Smoked and cooked.
I will follow the link and watch it again. But not tonight.

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#7 Wed 17 Apr 13 11:22pm


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Re: succulent prawns and trout

It was shown "Out of the blue" about a month ago. Pretty basic for those of us fortunate enough to live around the BBQ most of the year.

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