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Re: Ministry of Food, Sugar Tax. High Sugar Content Coffee. Obesity Rates

There's 2 issues at hand here.  One is the amount of sugar people are consuming and the other is coffee connoiseurs.  I'm pretty sure the OP is more concerned about the proper way of drinking coffee when the sad truth is that human beings are suddenly eating more sugar than nature ever intended.  There are only 3 ways to obtain sugar naturally:

1. Sugar cane - have you ever tried to extract sugar from sugar cane?  Me neither, therefore it can't be that simple.  Too bad someone's done it for us, more than they should have.

2. Fruit - it's seasonal!  If we were supposed to eat cantaloupes all year round they would be available all year round, but they're not supposed to be available.

3. Honey - take your chances!

So you see, it's not supposed to be easy to obtain sugar in the wild.  Unfortunately now we have the creation of fake sugars and corn syrup which appear to be in everything.  And the obesity rates clearly indicate that we are consuming too much of it.

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