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Blind baking Pizza base

My normal method is to prepare the dough after standing it all day with all the topping. Then I pop it onto a pizza stone in the oven to cook for about 8 or so minutes.

I'm not around to cook the actual pizzas tonight so I've offered to blind bake the bases so that DW and DD can put the toppings on themselves and bake as normal.

Should I blind bake them at the normal very hot temperature I use ? Or should I turn it down a bit ? Also how long ?

Any suggestions would be welcome thanks. smile

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Re: Blind baking Pizza base

Prebaking the dough would be ok if your pizza base is quite thick like bread.  Personally I like my pizzas to be very thin and would expect my husband to be able to roll out his own dough if necessary.  In my opinion pre-baking will lead to a dry crust either way.

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