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Re: frenchchef daily cooking tips

wine~o wrote:

olalachef wrote:

HOW TO CUT A ROAST BEEF NICELY: after being cooked, dont cut it right away. just put it on "cutting plate" and cover it with foil paper for around 5mn. it will keep the juice inside the roast beef and wont leak on the plate...voila!!!...bon appetit!!!

I normally rest my roast Beef for nearer 20 minutes....

And as you Brits aren't called Rosbiffs by the French for no good reason... wink

Haha!  I didn't know that!  What do they call us americans?  Or the greeks?  Hate to tell you this but the Greeks call the brits "the drunks" because when they come to the islands on holiday they are perpetually drinking and causing mayhem  sad

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Re: frenchchef daily cooking tips

Frenchchef seems to have got fed up of leaving daily cooking tips !

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Re: frenchchef daily cooking tips

Well, they do say, one leaves, another enters.  That's me.  It seems that the problem I've had in getting the site to accept me has passed.

Many grateful thanks to Merlin and the team for giving me their undivided attention in getting me back.


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