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#1 Sat 15 Jun 13 11:05pm


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Nutrition Food theories


Me and a friend of mine are writing an essay, making a site and are trying to write our own book for a school assignment .
We want it to be about eating healthy food and we want to teach other people to make their dishes while enjoying it. We're Dutch and love Jamie Oliver, we love Italian food and we love cooking in general. Our question is:
Do you know any special nutrional food theories? We're trying to combine the things that we think is correct to make our own theory.



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#2 Sun 16 Jun 13 12:24am


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Re: Nutrition Food theories

Welcome to the forum Elinevandeven smile

Eating Broccoli and Tomato together helps to increase the benefits of the plants , this I believe is a particularly helpful combination in sometimes helping slow down the growth of prostate cancer.

Eating a variety of fruits together , rather than eating just one type of fruit help to increase the health benefits of the fruit.

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