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Rustic Rick

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Fundraising community Food please

Hi to all on this forum,
Just a quick bit about me, Basically a country boy who became a school governor and then chair of governors (what was I thinking), I live, work and play in the countryside always have done, The school I am involved with has a real hands on approach to outdoor learning, We have our own allotments, A woodland classroom, several affiliated farms who are more than generous with their time and help....Part of our children's outdoor learning experience is an annual food fair that we hold in October, We use this partly as an educational experience but also a fundraising drive. We have local food / drink producers come in and sell their goods, Its a great way of telling our local population about what exactly goes on in Norfolk and what is available on their doorstep, A very high percentage of the people in this particular are normally only here for up to 4 years max before moving on. As the person who organises this food fair I would be grateful for any help or fresh ideas to make this event even more successful, This will be our 3rd such event..
p.s Forgive my approach but this seemed like a good place to ask.

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Re: Fundraising community Food please

We have Sustainable markets near by. Allotment sellers , means day fresh vegetables, cheaper than the supermarket. Good advertising seems to be useful. Twitter used effectively is a great tool. Hit local blogs and foodie tweeters as much as you can.
Good luck!

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