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#1 Sun 27 Oct 13 5:42pm


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Hospital "food"

Jamie - love your work at improving school meals and waking people up to the junk they're eating.

Had 2 parents in hospital this year - awful food - both lost 15-20 pounds (not big people to start with).  Food cooked in city about 60 miles away and presumably nuked to reheat - inedible and served in containers difficult to open.  Unopened packages (e.g. milk cartons, pudding cups) are thrown out for hygiene reasons. 

Poor nutrition caused anemia, sluggish bowels, gaunt faces, weakness.  Hospital system budgets low amount per day per patient but poor nuttrition leads to costs post-discharge for extra medical care needed.  Also colossal waste of money in discarded food. 

Sounds like another job for Jamie to tackle!

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