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#1 Fri 07 Jul 06 10:12am

Chef Kenneth

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Hi to all Chefs

Hi there

Hi to all the Chefs.

my name is Kenneth Williams, from Cape Town, South Africa. I did a training course under David Higgs(one of the top Chefs in SA) for a year. I qualified then got a job with The Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel which i was there for 1 year in the Fine Dining restaurant(The Towers Club). I worked under 2 amazing chefs(Thomas Laberer and Marcus Ree Taylor) they tought me a well and i learnt some great recipe ideas. Now im in Valencia,Spain working for Team Shosholoza, its the South African Yaught Racing Team. Im running the kitchen with a Italian Chef, my pastas have improved so much its scary:D . Anyway id just thought that id share something with you all cause its my first time on this forum!

Kenneth Williams
If you cant take the heat, then get out the kitchen!

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Re: Hi to all Chefs

Hi Kenneth!

Nice to meet you... i only joined the board yesterday, but i'm sure you 'll love it. everyone is so friendly!

Sounds like you have had some great experiences.. look forward to hearing from you more.


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Re: Hi to all Chefs

Welcome to the forums!
Looking forward to your input!
It's a GREAT place, have fun!

All The Best!

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Re: Hi to all Chefs

Hey Ya, Kenneth,

My name is Frans, I'm also a South African, and I also studied in Cape Town at Zevenwacht Chef School. 
I graduated last year and is currently working in the UK as a Head Chef of a small country reastaurant.
Last year I worked for Zorgvliet Wine Estate and later went to work for Winelands Caterers before I got contacted by the lady I'm working for now.  I don't think that I will stay in the UK.

So where in the world are you now?

Cheers Chef!

Chef Frans. smile

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#5 Mon 26 Feb 07 6:15pm

Rafa Oliveira

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Re: Hi to all Chefs

Hi Chef Kenneth!
Im new here, and I really apreciate your profission!
I want to be a Chef!!! Ive finish the High School and I will study in a respected college here in Brazil.
Well Im really sorry about my English Chef, Its not that perfect but Im studing hard

If you can give me some advice or maybe we can make contact!

Love Rafa O x

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#6 Mon 26 Feb 07 6:16pm

Rafa Oliveira

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Re: Hi to all Chefs

Chef Frans!
The same to you!!!
Im from Brazil and I want to be a Chef!!!
Lets keep in touch

See ya

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