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Re: Conversions

This is an excellent imperial (US) food conversion link:

Another great page with alot of useful conversion lilnks: There is also a US/Metric conversion link here:

Hope this helps

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Re: Conversions

Thanks to this topic I have found the conversion that I needed.


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Re: Conversions

go to

in the search box type somehint like "3 ounces in gramms" or "half a pint in liters"  google will calculate and return - it works with all measurments

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Re: Conversions

Like the title of my reply says I need help on a few conversions myself ! Here goes:

Ok I have Jamie's book "The Naked Chef" and I am looking at his receipe "Salsa Verde" I need anyone to convert the following oops

One handful of fresh mint leaves is equal to ? dried mint

1 large handful[yes, I know he says to use two lol] of flat leaf parsley is equal to ??? dried parsley

1 bunch of fresh basil leaves is equal to ??? dried basil

On a side note here I would like to know a general rule [a list of] fresh herbs equals this much in dried herbs ! Regardless of what your making[if you can get away with it!?! lol This includes if a receipe decides to say 1 teaspoon of this fresh herb etc instead of 1 bunch,1 large,small etc handful  :P  of a fresh herb hehe] Hope I made sense!

This is a bit off topic but one of the ingredients for Jamie's "Salsa Verde" is red wine vinegar[besides some may say white wine vinegar lol] what is a good substitute for it! Also, can I get away using your suggestions in any receipe that calls for red/whie wine vinegar [ok I doubt that lol] ! I just don't care much for "red/white wine" anything in my food!

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Re: Conversions

1 large handful of fresh herbs equals about a TABLESPOON of the dried herb...


You cant make a salsa verde with dried herbs. Salsa Verde translate as "green sauce" you wont be able to acheive this with the dried variety.

For salsa verde you need fresh, but for other dishes dried is a must.

Dried herbs feature heavily in traditional peasant cookery as it was all that available a lot of the time.

If you can, buy some bunches of fresh herbs from your supermarket or green grocer, try comparing the flavour of the dried vs fresh. Oregano especially tastes very different in its dried form.

Red/white wine vinegars dont taste like wine & dont have an alcohol content, they tend to be more concentrated than white/malt vinegar, with a stronger sweeter taste.
Balsamic is a common Italian red wine vinegar, go for the best you can afford as it makes a big difference, same thing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (EVOO)

I hope this helps, good luck with the Salsa Verde, what are you serving it with?

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Re: Conversions

Wormella, Thank you a LOT!

I didn´t know of such Conversion-site....
What a nice help, thanks!

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Re: Conversions

Ok but, what if it says in a receipe tsp,tbsp of fresh herb instead what would the the equal amount be? My friend doesn't care and puts the same amount in anyways lol I tend to be a cautious with it and put a little less to half the amount b/c I am not familiar with all my dried herbs yet and don't won't to over kill it lol

To answer your question, I was thinking of serving it with Beef and Pasta[slow cooker receipe! It's like I am attached at the hip with this thing! lol I mean after you finished preparing roll lol you can either relax and watch tv or do other things around the house!] but wasn't sure if I should! I am trying to avoid the too much carbs thing but who am I kidding it tastes good and hopefully flows well to what your serving it with it's all good 8) Another dish I was wanting to serve it with is Beef n' Beans [losts of beef, beans and rice; also a slow cooker receipe] .

Thanks for telling me that red/wine vinegar has no alcohol content[ I was told different] there was two ingredients really red wine vinegar and something else on the back of the bottle] I was told to try umm let me see if I can remember what I was told **taps fingers**  oh right mix EVOO[your best olive oil! That was what I have on hand lol] and white vinegar and use this for the salsa verde although I don't think they have every tried salsa verde though lol]

Balsmaic Vinegar[I assume this has no alcohol content! Ok had to slip it in here just in case lol] I have seen one aged 5yrs is that good? Also, how can I tell the cheap from the good kind[what should I look for written on the bottle]? I have seen a salad dressing "Balsmaic Vinegarette" I believe , if I remember correctly! Has anyone tried it in salad[I haven't yet but will] ?

Thanks for all your help Frizz smile

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Re: Conversions

Thank you so much! These'll definitely help me out.


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Re: Conversions

Most people are aware of this now, but for those that aren't:

Google will convert most things for you. Go to Google and type in your required conversion in the following format:

4 oz in teaspoons … &meta=

6 feet in yards … &meta=

150 celsius in fahrenheit … &meta=

1 pound in grams … mp;spell=1

1 teaspoon in tablespoon … &meta=

And so on

Unfortunately it won't do Glugs, Handfuls or Dash's  roll

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Re: Conversions

The sad thing is that here in Australia we have been dealing with conversions since 1964 and some of my mum's best receipes were and still are in pounds, ozs, tblsp etc
My cookbook has always had my conversions in the back for quick ref. Even if it meant the new and the old cookbook out at the same time. big_smile

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