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Forum house rules

These are our simple house rules to follow. Help us keep the forums a safe and happy place.

Be nice! (we like a happy community)
Be topical! (sticking to the subject makes threads easier to follow)
Be clear! (helps avoid misunderstandings)
Be patient! (people of all ages and nationalities are part of this community)
Be safe! (no personal info such as email addresses etc)

And above all - enjoy!

Some tips for good forum etiquette:

Give your topics meaningful subject headings!
avoid: 'read this', 'help', 'question' or 'recipe wanted'
these are too general, people who might be able to help you may not open your topic
be specific, ie: 'victoria sponge cake recipe'

Before you post: read the forum subjects!
Please read through the forums before posting as you may find there is already discussion raging on your chosen subject

PS: Please have a read of the terms; if you've registered you've already agreed to abide by them!


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