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what knifes?

Hey guys  smile
i was wondering what kind (brand) of knifes should i buy for cooking at home? but they have to be afforable and sold in Australia
From babygirl23 smile

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Re: what knifes?

i dont have a website, but maybe have a look at sheldon and hammond website. they supply all the cooking shope (i think). i may have been mislead, but i think my manage all there mail and crap like that. i havent lloked into it very much, so its a long shot

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Re: what knifes?

With Knives and other Kitchen equiptment it is always wise to buy the best that you can afford.

When I buy knives I look for something comfortable to hold and well ballanced.

It is always tepting to buy a huge knife set but in truth , you will find that you only use a couple of knives on a regular basis.
I think that these are good knives to start with....
A large strong knife for chopping (blade around 8inches I would think),
a small knife for peeling,
a serrated knife that you could use for cutting bread.

There have been a number of threads asking this question, if you go to the search area at the top of the page ,click on it and then enter 'knives' into the topic box then a whole load of assosiated things will pop up. Just trawl through these and you will be able to see poeples advice and preferences.

One thing that I will add is that it is important to keep your knives sharp as a well sharpened knife safest.

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Re: what knifes?

I am going to give a totally unconventional answer: buy the cheapest knives you can find.

They will be made of rubbish steel and need sharpening constantly. That means you will get lots of practice at sharpening knives. Then once you have learned how to sharpen a knife, go with Solingen or Sheffield. There is also a Japanese equivalent. I just stick with cheap knives and hone my skills.

Get a sharpening stone: people seem to think a steel is for sharpening, but it's not,

Thanks for asking the question, you may be able to discern that it's one dear to my heart  smile

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Re: what knifes?

I got a set of Villeroy & Boch for my birthday, and have so far found them excellent.  They came complete with a wooden block, and include a bread knife, cook's knife, paring knife, carving knife and a small serrated one too.  Oh, and a steel.  They were very reasonably priced, too. … how_127017

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Re: what knifes?

victorinox fibrox - the 2nd best in a choice magazine (aussie consumer mag) study and at least half the price of the 1st. or a kitchen shop (commerical or normal)

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Re: what knifes?

I use Global knives, they are brilliant.

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Re: what knifes?

try as many types as possible...find the ones you like...the ones I like to hold in my somewhat massive hands might not feel right in yours.  I do like the prev post on cheap knives sense in picking up really good expensive knives..just to ruin them due to improper sharpening..use etc...Bottom line, buy what you like and feel comfortable with.  They are after all gonna be yours...

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Re: what knifes?

Hi there,
This is the fourth time, at least, that I have replied to a post on knives, may be it should have its own section? Or put a search engine on the forums? Just a suggestion!
Anyway...... as a student chef we had Sabatier Knives which served me well for fifteen years untill some creep knicked them! My boss, being quite generous at the time, told me to order what ever i wanted, so I got five globals. Should've seen his face when he got the bill! For the next few years I used my globals daily and they did a good job, however when you really analyse them I found that after a long day of chopping, slicing and boning they were in fact quite tiresome. I then discovered Wusthof Gourmet. They are incredibly light, stay sharp, are easy to sharpen and work realy well but they are really expensive. I bought a pairing knife, a 8cm Nakiri (excellent for fast chopping) and a 10cm cooks knife. But I also needed a butchers steak knife, boning knife and fileting knife. I bought a Victorianox Steak knife and a Victorianox Flexible boning knife which you can use for filleting aswell! Just goes to prove that some times the cheapest are the better.
Just remember one thing.... it's they way that you use them and your personal style and technique that count. Some people will get on with some knives better that others will with other knives thumbsup

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Re: what knifes?

there is some great suggestions for knives there.  But no matter what kind you buy it is good to think about what you are using them for.

the two main ways to make knives are stamping and forging. each has things it is good for. Right now i have a set of stamped henkels that was a wedding present. They are ok but if money was no object i would move up to Kersaw Shun knives. The problem with that is i don't have $1000 bucks for 4 or 5 knives right now.  I recently saw that Calaphon makes a lookalike to the Shun knives that might be more in my pricerange in the near future. I may just buy a few forged henkel pieces to fit in with my current set instead. I really would like to at least pick of the forged Santoku.

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