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jackie keeler

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Food in Hospital

Having just been in hospital with acute diverticulitis, I was astonished at the lack of understanding of the dietary needs of patients who often need their appetite tempting. I was put onto a "clear fluids" only diet. The kitchen sent a clear soup that tasted of wrung out rancid cardboard. No wonder some patients end up malnourished!

Can Jamie work his magic on the NHS kitchens?  By Jackiek

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Re: Food in Hospital

I have to say, that having been in hospital twice in the last 2 years having miscarriages, the food was the last thing on my mind!!!

Northampton General Hospital, although bottom of the list in the hygeine department, dished up ok grub.

Comes down to the fact, that if you are hungry you will eat anything I suppose!........Although, if you were there for any length of time I imagine it would get mind numbingly bland.

Let's face it...sitting there 24/7 you need something to look forward to, and not just the latest issue of NOW !


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#3 Mon 19 Feb 07 7:35am

maddie rose

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Re: Food in Hospital

Hi I am a recently new member, I take it you are both from the UK, I work in a hospital in Australia and I have to agree that I thought that Jamie needs to do a similar thing in the hospitals as he did in the schools. How anyone can destroy even a simple thing as a sandwich is beyond me, even us staff don't like eating the food, recently a seperate coffee shop opened up in the hospital but it is a bit expensive, so yes we need help from Jamie. Oh by the way I don't work in the kitchen.

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