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school camp meals

hi jamie and co
i am the resident chef at point walter sport and recreation center in western australia, we cater for a mixed section of school and non profit organisiations, kids from 6 to 17years old, some mentaly and or physicaly challenged.
i will be writting to you in the next few days but i thought i would also join your forum and keep informed those who might be interested.
i will be first asking permission to use some of your menu ideas and also try and incorporate a lesson learned idea with some of the kids that come tru point walter, you had a few q&a sheet on another website i visited that i thought would be fun and also informative for the kids to fill out, the groups visit point walter and stay for 2 -7 days, we are part of a group of 4 sites here in perth ern halliday, woodman point, golden grove and of course point walter. i am senior chef working for ACCOLADE CATERING and we are subcontracted to the department of sport and recreation (goverment).
i have watched a couple of tv presentations with regards to school dinners and can only say what huge challange you have undertaken but with such great results, anything we as a collective group of chef / parents can do to give direction to the kids of today has got to be seen as benafit for our future, i hope my small efforts here at point walter will bring possativechange to at least a few growing kids.

                                   regards paul.

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