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#1 Thu 15 Feb 07 9:26am

Steffi 100%

From Germany (Bergisch Gladbach)
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Hello together KÖLLE ALAAF!!!!!!!

Today the big day is in Cologne!!!!! big_smile  big_smile  big_smile
Around exactly 11.11pm it goes off. It has begun to the women's day in the carnival. smile  Presses to me the thumbs I today the day survives. I greetings all carnivals moved in the world. Comes along to Cologne and celebrates. big_smile  thumbsup
I wish You all one wonderful day. I will have a great day today, but no more Quite soberly. lol  lol  lol  lol  tongue

Cheers together and three times  KÖLLE ALAAF
                                                                  ALAAF  ALAAF wink

LOVE Steffi xxx

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