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Healthy living, long life?

Yorkshire's secret of longevity

'Oldest' woman dies at age of 111
Ada Mason
Mrs Mason put her long life down to daily doses bread and dripping
A woman from West Yorkshire, who was believed to be the oldest person in England, has died at the age of 111.

Tributes have been paid to widow Ada Mason, from Upton, who died in her sleep on Tuesday.

Mrs Mason, who had outlived all of her five children, put her long life down to eating bread and dripping "with lots of salt on". … 359547.stm

Have you ever noticed that that the people who live the longest seem to be those with the most unhealthy lifestyles?

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Re: Healthy living, long life?

Although I have heard some people saying they have lived long lives from daily gin and tonics,  and other not so healthy diets, I believe a long life is due to genetics. But much as we have heard here in our neck of the woods most of them have decended from England, lol. Or maybe it's the juniper berries? Most of my decendents came from England and lived hard lives here at the beginnings of our province of B.C. Earliest decendents lived to 88/90 and that's pretty good considering. And that's when TB was in full force.

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Re: Healthy living, long life?

Hmmm. My gran died last year at 104, also outliving her children.
Though I can't say she led an unhealthy lifestyle - hers was a diet high in seafood and olive oil. She did, however, have a predilection for wine and snooker, in that order.  mrgreen

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Re: Healthy living, long life?

I think it's just good genes. I have a long line of people behind me who lived well into their eighties (some despite serious illness), even a couple of hundred years ago. Unless I get hit my something large then I think it's all good. I did get a shock looking through old photos one day to find an ancestor who died at forty - but it turned out he died trying to cross a flooded river; so he didn't contribute bad genes but maybe stupidity. My granfather's uncle smoked until the day he died at 97, and ate fig jam alot as i understand it. I guess he was just outside that percentage of people who get cancer from smoke.

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Re: Healthy living, long life?

I agree about it being down to good genes. One of the guys I work with has smoked 40 a day for over 35 years and has never even had a cold !.
  One of my great, great uncles drowned in a vat of beer ( I have heard that he was pulled out 4 times before he succeeded ). Maybe that is why I like a beer now and again!.
   Keep smiling,

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Re: Healthy living, long life?

I also think that its in the genes wether you get really old or not but looking out for what you eat has something to say aswell ...

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