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#11 Wed 14 Feb 07 3:39pm


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Re: a lill hi from france

emmylu wrote:

thx nexus. i already have a question for you, lol. how much does it cost to live in france? i want to travel oversease as a chef and would love to travel thru europe (i would LOVE to travel thru north italy, learning about italian cuisine, but also thru france) and wud consider maybe workin in ur beautiful country, but i am clueless about how much it will cost. i speak a little french, too, so i think i cud get by.
thx for your help, emma

U know france is a lovely country but really expensive too.To find a job over there is hard even for french ppl.I don't want to dismount ur dream cuz they r really nice but if i could give u an advice it will be to find a company which is employind foreigner in france it will be loooooot less expensive for u.



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#12 Sun 18 Feb 07 12:16pm


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Re: a lill hi from france

aww, thanks for the advice nexus! that sounds like a great idea. i would love to work overseas and get more exsperiense cooking in different cultures and societies. it wont be for a while, so it give me plenty of time to look into it!

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