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hey, im stephen in 16 and attend the humberston school in north east lincolnshire.

im currently in year 11 ( as you may have guessed by my age ), and i would like to ask upon this forum as a community a favor.
     For i am currently studying Business Studies and have been since year 9 ( when i was only 14 ) the course is now drawing to and end, as a final piece of coursework entitled 'is there scope for a new business in my area' i have chosen the subject of school meals.

I know of the nationwide popularity of jamie olivers school meals campaign, and i would like to think that if i was to start a business i could approach it in the same way.

And i would like you guys, to inform me of anything that you find annoying about school meals and the campaign.

Also what your opinions are of the company scolarest.

And, any other information.
Thanks guys,expect to hear more from me in the next few weeks

Thankyou in advance
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welcome to the forums steve_balderson.

You will find loads of information and peoples opinions amongst the school dinners pages of the forum.

You are also able to athe school food trust pages and linc to Noras school dinner pages  (called Noras Kitchen) thorugh the school dinners linc at the top of this page.

I am not about of the company scolarest.i will try to get time to 'google it soon.

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