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Lamb and plum sauce

OK, so I'm still learning to cook. I've done soup, stir fry (did a nice lime and ginger stir fry today.* Nothing original or special, but it was new for me) roast chicken, a twist on poached eggs and stuffed pork. Now, I think it's time I tried a different meat, so I'm trying lamb.

Little background, a while back I bought and cooked (um...heated in oven) a lamb meal from Marks and Spencer. It was a rack covered in pinenuts. So, today I'm shopping and thought I'd try it. Nipped into Marks' to check what they did with it and couldn't find it. Wasn't going to do the exact recipe: just needed some guidance, if you will.

Anyways, walked round having a bit of a think and decided to do this little number

Roast lamb topped with almonds and pine nuts held on with a mild plum sauce, stuffed with raisins, rosemary (ever since that program 'rosemary and thyme' I have felt phobic about using rosemary and thyme together) and redcurrent jelly, served with small roast-in-thyme (I believe i said something about a rosemary and thyme phobia whistle ) potatoes, shallots and honey glazed parsnips

Anyways, the main thing is the plum sauce. Never made one before, not really sure how it works, but according to the net, plum sauce uses plums and pineapple. BUT, I think pineapple will give the sauce a sweetness I'm trying to avoid, so I want to try something different.

My plan is to soak the plums overnight in white wine, then add the plums and the wine to the other ingredients to make the sauce. White wine instead of pineapple. Is this a good idea? What do you lot think?

*Lime and ginger sauce. Grind some fresh ginger (equivalent to 2 level teaspoons) with a clove of garlic, mix with the juice and zest of one lime, add two teaspoons of brown sugar and a drizzle of cold water. Mix together.

Now, cut a chicken breast into strips and fry it in a medium sized wok. When it is just about cooked pour in the sauce and keep the heat on medium. Thicken with corn flour as you normally would and serve.

Oh, and somewhere in there you can do some stir-fry veg in a separate pan.

OK, I think that's a fair swap - I give a quick recipe in exchange for some advice.

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Re: Lamb and plum sauce

I'm all for experimental cookery, and I have wide and eclectic tastes, I think that you may be a little disappointed with the combination you suggest.

Try this for something like the M&S ready meal you once had:-

Rack of Lamb with Pine Nut & Sage Crust

Serves 4

    * 2 racks of lamb, trimmed (about 13-oz. each)
    * 1/2 cup pine nuts (toast in a 350°F oven for 5 minutes)
    * 2 cups Italian (flat-leaf) parsley, chopped
    * 2 cups Italian (flat-leaf) parsley, chopped
    * 2 Tablespoons fresh sage leaves, chopped
    * 1 Tablespoon olive oil
    * sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 350°F.

1. Chop the pine nuts and mix them with the parsley, garlic, sage, oil, salt and pepper.

2. Coat the racks with the herb/nut mixture, pressing it into the flesh.

3. Put the lamb on a rack in a roasting pan and cook for 25-30 minutes or to your desired doneness.

      To serve:

Allow to rest for 10 minutes before cutting into individual chops to serve.

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Re: Lamb and plum sauce

You know, that recipe looks very similar to the M & S meal. Well, I'm not sure how close it is, but it looks ruddy nice.

I've decided I'd like to see how plum sauce and lamb would work together, so I've cut out the stuffing, made some minor alterations and I'm going to try it on thursday.

Then, I'll save up, buy some more lamb and try yours.  smile

Oh, one thing, you put chopped parsley twice. Is there meant to be something else there, or did you just accidentally repeat yourself?

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Re: Lamb and plum sauce

Time to bump this methinks.

I just cooked my first full family meal big_smile Well, actually one brother lives in Derbyshire, one is out swilling and one is at cricket practise, but apart from that, I just cooked my first full proper family meal. Although, the stuffed pork is a family meal, and the several chicken dishes. Anyway, I just cooked my first proper family meal using lamb.

HOORAY big_smile

It was roast lamb with a plum sauce developed specially to compliment the meat, served with honey glazed roast parsnips and shallots, lemon and thyme roasted potatoes, peas and asparagus. I'll need a bit of time to write down the recipe; the potatoes, admittedly, are pretty much the same as Jamie O's taters, so that'll be largely a copy and paste job.

Anyway, it went down excellent, enjoyed very much by the three people who ate it and if you all bear with I shall get a full recipe posted up.

mrgreen I'm pleased with myself.

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Re: Lamb and plum sauce

OK, here, roughly, is the recipe


Lamb – Rack is probably best, but I used a few large joints
Rose Wine (1/2 glass per 2 or 3 servings) Echo Falls White Zinfandel is the one I used
Plums (Do 3x as many plums as oranges)
Frozen Peas
Pine Nuts
Macedonia Nut Oil


Quarter the plums and slice thinly, and chuck them in a medium mixing bowl
Add the zest and juice of one large orange
Add the wine
Cover and refrigerate so you can prepare the lamb

Pull out a large roasting dish and line with tinfoil; leave plenty spare to wrap round the meat
Place the lamb in the foil and salt lightly, and stick in the rosemary sprigs
Throw in 3 whole garlic cloves

Have a glass of wine.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into small pieces (about golf ball size) and wash them thoroughly
Peel the shallots
Peel and quarter the parsnips and put them in a roasting dish with the shallots
Pour some of the oil into the dish

Have a 20 minute break

Remove the sauce from the fridge and pour into a simmering saucepan.
Heat the sauce, adding 2 level tspns of sugar, until the plums break down
Let the sauce cool as you put some thyme and Macedonia nut oil in an empty roasting dish

Cut a lemon in half, place one half aside, halve the other half and scrape the zest of each quarter with a fork.
Put the lemon quarters with the thyme and oil
Pour the sauce over the lamb

Cover the lamb securely with the tinfoil and bung in the oven on a low or medium heat depending on how much time you have (I did gas 3 for 3 hours because I was waiting for the other diners to arrive home, then whacked the heat up)

Glaze the parsnips with honey. Don’t worry if a load goes on the shallots. In fact, just whack the honey on them both. You know you want to!

Place the shallots and parsnips in the top shelf of the oven about 30 minutes from the end of lamb cooking time

Throw the potatoes in salted water with the half lemon and two cloves of garlic and bring to the boil
When soft, drain the potatoes, steam dry and toss to develop crispiness
Place the potatoes in the roasting dish with the oil, thyme and lemon and bung next to the shallots and parsnips

10 minutes before the end of cooking time take the lamb from the oven and open up the tinfoil

Steam the asparagus and cook the peas in the microwave

When all is cooked, thicken the lamb sauce as preferred (aim for something like a gravy consistency)
Crush up some almonds and pine nuts with a pestle and mortar and scatter over the lamb
Give it 2 more minutes in the oven as you dish out the veg (remove the thyme)
Remove from oven, remove rosemary carve and serve with sauce and veg.

That’s about what I did.

I’ve done chicken, pork, bacon and lamb, sort of sausages and ham (pork sausages wrapped in parma ham then grilled) now in the meat department. Going to try beef steak next. I have a recipe idea that I’m going to have a think over and try to have cooked for next week.

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