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#1 Fri 16 Feb 07 4:31pm


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Weekly Plan

Have you any ideas or a basic plan for a shopping list for a week for two?

.. just started living together, both working much - so the idea is to always have something to eat, doing shopping once a week.

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#2 Fri 16 Feb 07 4:50pm


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Re: Weekly Plan

We usually sit down over the weekend and decide what we want to eat on each night and who is going to cook it - normally we'll cook a bit of a treat at the weekend (maybe make our own pasta, bake a nice dessert or make something that takes a bit more effort). Then we go shopping on Saturday or Sunday and buy everything we need for the week (using a combination of our local market and the supermarket). We'll try to plan it so that anything that's likely to go off gets eaten on a Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes we'll plan to have something that really needs to be bought on the day or the day before to be at its best (e.g. fish) on the way home from work (but we know we've got everything, and all that's needed is to nip in the shop or down the market on the day to get it.

We sometimes make lots of something and reheat it the next day (curry is always best the day after wink ) or freeze it and reheat to save time.


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#3 Fri 16 Feb 07 8:08pm


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Re: Weekly Plan

I have some friends who take the mickey out of our weekly food plan but it really helps save money, time and effort! Plus when I know what I'm having to eat in the evening I look forward to it more...

Soup is an obvious one which takes little effort and can stretch over a couple of days, tastes better the following day and can be frozen. I always get onions, potatoes and carrots in (plus stock) as they are a great base for most soups. Lentils and bacon are good for adding substance to a lot of soups.

Also, roast chicken is great, as you could have it as a roast dinner on the Sunday, then use it for sandwiches in the week, also soup (again!), in a curry (somehow roast chicken bits really work in thai curry), plus a couple of chicken legs cooked up in onion, butter, parsley, lemon and some dry white wine (and maybe some cream at the end) is a great supper with crusty bread and salad in the week.

I always get creme fraiche in as you can easily knock up a pasta (thinly-sliced courgette and ham with cracked black pepper is a good one - add chopped onions) or pad out a dish with it.

Sausage casserole with red onions, bacon and any bean (borlotti, flagelot, etc) is a good one - quite unoffensive, unless you are a veggie. We often cook it up on a Sunday eve ready for Monday teatime when we normally can't be bothered to do too much. Add wine or cider for more richness. Basically just fry it all off then chuck in a casserole dish with chicken stock and a tin or two of tomatoes and bake until cooked.

Hope these help

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#4 Sun 18 Feb 07 7:19pm


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Re: Weekly Plan


if you live in the UK I can recommend "Delicious" magazine. Every issue contains a weekly plan that starts with the stuff you have to buy, followed by recipes for each day of the week. Normally, the recipes don't take that long to prepare. And they often feature nice Jamie-stuff, too! I like the magazine so much that I asked them for an overseas subscription and now they ship it over to Germany for me every month!  big_smile


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#5 Mon 19 Feb 07 4:14am


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Re: Weekly Plan

To tell you the truth, I go weekly shopping and buy a bit of everything, beef/pork/chicken... then plan around that to my recipies I have already in my mind and what works for us. I buy fish on the day that I am going to cook it. I usually do very simple dishes that I know I can make quickly or with a little bit of effort. If the meat requires marinating I do it early am. It may help you to do a bit of prep work the night before, like onions/carrots/potatoes, etc... just try and prepare a few things the night before or the morning of that you know will take up a bit of time when you get home. Buying an already roasted chicken night of saves time too. Fish takes no time at all really and so does steaks... stir frys are quick and easy, especially if you have prepared things in advance like sliced veggies and marinating the meat if need be in the am. If you have a slow cooker you can use that to your advantage if you like that sort of thing... same with a rice cooker. You could always have one night thats take out for your busiest night. JUst cook some rice if its a curry or chinese... maybe its pizza, then make a salad. Hope that helped a bit?

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#6 Mon 19 Feb 07 6:59am

The White Rabbit

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Re: Weekly Plan

It helps to have your kitchen cupboards stocked with all the essentials that can be stored long term. Jamie's got a list in his first two books and it's probably floating around in a thread here somewhere. But what we have is:
Olive oil (an evoo and a normal one (for cooking, we buy a 4L tin)
vinegar (balsamic, white wine, and a normal one for the vinegar fiend who lives here)
spices (usually whole because they last longer but some powdered ones too; like coriander and cumin that get used alot ie. before their expiry date)
anchovies in oil (can capers too if you like them)
tinned tuna in oil (outside of this list all you need is rocket, lemon and parmesan to make the tuna and rocket pasta in Genaro Contaldo's Passione - beaut recipe and barely takes 15 minutes)
tinned tomatoes
tinned mushy peas
baked beans (remarkably good substitute in mexican dishes)
refried beans (if you like mexican)
tinned beetroot (if you are aussie)
dried pasta (a variety of shapes)
rice (short grain, long grain and basmati (yes, I know it's a long grain too but it tastes odd in chinese dishes))
dried or tinned beans/pulses
taco shells/corn chips (if you like mexican)
chateau de cardboard (cask wine for cooking, decent stuff)
soy sauce
oyster sauce
hoisin sauce
sesame oil
various other sauces
tomato paste
redcurrent jelly (try to get a small jar as you tend not to use it as regularly as you may hope - a spoonful when deglazing a pan that has just cooked lamb is lovely)
plain flour
SR flour (if you like baking; then also caster sugar, bicarb soda, baking powder, icing sugar, etc)
dried porchini mushrooms (makes mushroom risotto very impressive)
stock cubes (at present i have no time for real stock)

the more perisable things are:
parmesan cheese
root vegetables
lemons (will survive a considerable time in the fridge)

in the freezer:
we try to keep a bit of back up meat, like thin veal or chicken that can be quickly defrosted when we've run out of time to go to the butcher (we go as we need meat but sometimes we don't make it)
frozen berries (cos they are fun)
frozen pastry
bay leaves (kaffir lime leaves also freeze well)
left over wine (for cooking)

i've probably forgotten a large amount of stuff; if i had a larger kitchen there would be more

From this sort of stock you can make just about anything with a few fresh ingredients. It's nicer to shop as you go but it's not always possible. About 6 months ago we moved and I can now buy meat every day or two. We still get fruit and veg once a week but that's because we are foodies and drive 45 minutes each way for it.

After a while you'll get into a routine of dishes that will be quick to make (because you've had practise), and you'll add dishes to your list.

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#7 Mon 19 Feb 07 7:10am

The White Rabbit

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Re: Weekly Plan

We used to try to make a list of what we'd have during the week, now we don't get around to it, but it was easier when we had a smaller kitchen.

Our list of recipes for weeknights is:

Chicken or beef stirfry - this is done with chicken breast or thin veal steaks, various vegetables and sauces; generally on rice or with noodles.

Genaro's tuna and rocket pasta - a great standby; mr rabbit is getting sick of it (we probably have it once a fortnight but at one stage it was once a week)

risotto - usually mushroom, beetroot or cauliflower (a la jamie's italy); nice for cooler weather when you want to stand over the stove or when you can convince someone else to make it

lamb cutlets (my all time favourite) with kumara mash and various greens - a marinade of garlic and rosemary or thyme, sage, oregano and parsely is nice; if they drop good juices then a touch of red wine and red currant jelly to deglaze the pan (and cream if you want to impress)

pan fried fish with kumara and potato roasted up as chips with mushy peas

genaro's lemon chicken dish (also from passione) - a knockout again; if you make it with red onions it goes pink! I've also done a variation (from another recipe) with tinned white beans which was very nice (good with silverbeet or kale)

sausages with mash - sometimes with greens of various types; bottled sauces and/or packet gravy

pasta with napoletana/tomato sauce - all you really need is some onions, garlic and herbs but if you've only got tinned tomatoes it will still work

it's not a very long list but it's the current favourites; when winter rolls around there will be more stews and things (jamie's slow cooked shoulder of lamb tends to feature weekly in several meals as it will usually make 7 or 8 serves)

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#8 Mon 19 Feb 07 7:13am

The White Rabbit

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Re: Weekly Plan

Oh, one more thing..if you are freezing meat (if you shop once a week then you probably are) - defrost it in the fridge overnight; if you forget then put it in the fridge in the morning - most smaller things will defrost in normal work hours. I can be forgetful so the backup of small thin pieces of meat is good as they can be quickly be defrosted in the microwave (or even in the pan)

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#9 Mon 19 Feb 07 11:37am


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Re: Weekly Plan

We tend to shop more than once a week by default.  On our 'main' shop we'll stockpile veggies, meat and fruit, plus breakfast bits and snacks.  Usually, we'll get some chicken and some pork, but as we'd both rather have better meat less often (we're dealing with student budgets here) we tend not to have meat more than twice or three times a week.  We've always got pasta and risotto rice in the house so we usually just need bits and bobs like tinned tomatoes, courgettes, onions, lemons, cheeses etc.  Also, we get through rather a lot of things like dried beans, lentils, oats etc.  However, there's a good market on the weekends and if we're up and about in time, we'll buy things like sausages and cheeses there.  As our bus stop is opposite a Sainsbury's we'll often pop in there on the way home if we fancy something in particular, also if we go for Sunday lunch in the village next door we'll sometimes pop into the local shops - fantastic greengrocer and butcher, specialist cheese shop - and get what we feel like for that evening.  Oink.  wink
If you make sure you keep the basics (pasta, rice, cheese, tinned tomatoes, maybe a jar of pesto, potatoes etc.) you'll always be able to rustle something up.

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#10 Mon 19 Feb 07 7:16pm

The Cuban Chef

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Re: Weekly Plan

I shop for herbs weekly,
But meat daily

For the normal family
1 time a month to get cooking wine, fish stock, chicken stock, olive oil, sherry vinegar and reg. vinegar. Truffle oil.... ECT
I suggest going and buying meat for two weeks,
And buying small stuff weekly.... like herbs ECT

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