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jenny shannon

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Help, my 8 yr old boy is at home with a migraine today brought on by hunger. a school dinner lady stopped him from eating any lunch at all yesterday. clearly I have complained. I am very upset and angry.

Does anyone know which legal statutes can be quoted at them to stop them doing this again.

Do you all think that I should contact THE SUN ?

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Re: starvation

Maybe you should post this in school dinners forum so that you get more right answers....
I don't know about school dinners (as in my country aren't any in public schools) but I believe that you should go immediately at the school's principal and complain.  And of course don't give up if they say it won't happen again.  Yesterday your boy, tomorrow another's mom boy... Don't let it go.

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Re: starvation

That is terrible Jenny,
      Don't let this pass, I would be in there straight away having a right go.
      Good luck, keep smiling,

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Re: starvation

Have you actually talked to the head at the school, and tried to find out the details of what actually happened?

There is often a lot more to the story than the children actually report, and you do need tofind out what actually happened, and why it happened before steaming in with all guns blazing.

I would particularly avoid going to the Sun - people who do usually regret it when they see how they themselves are portrayed.

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Re: starvation

I also think you should do something about it as a person cant stop another person from eating ...

good luck and keep us posted about what happens  smile

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