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#1 Mon 19 Feb 07 1:49pm


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Hello everyone - Help needed

Hello everyone , my name is Paula

I must say all the information around these days is making me really confused about what is healthy and what is not .

Over the lat year i have tried to eat healthily - cooking evrything from scratch instead of cooking everything from a jar ....

I really need your help here , i am just a learner and still not quite into the fruit and veg (not as much as i should be )

I need ideas on where to start - i do love cooking and enjoy preparing food , i am going to buy a blender tomorrow and try out some smoothies .....

what i need help with is , what food goes with what (if that makes sense )

any help will be much appreciated thankyou xxxx smile

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#2 Mon 19 Feb 07 5:36pm

Mrs Gibba

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Re: Hello everyone - Help needed

Will probably need a bit more of a clue - are you talking about what to put in a blender???

If you're geting a blender, I would recommend looking out for some soup receipes as well - smoothies all the time can get a bit boring.  You can put in loads of different things into soup.  The best one I had was abeetroot soup - loved it as it was bright pink.  It also had carrots in it, but they were disguised.

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#3 Mon 19 Feb 07 6:25pm


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Re: Hello everyone - Help needed

hi thanks for the reply ...

I did mean in general cooking , not just using the blender ....

I use a lot of meat and so on but never know what to put with what , and my 9 year old daughter gets very board with me cooking the same tings all the time ...

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#4 Mon 19 Feb 07 7:41pm


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Re: Hello everyone - Help needed

Heres a qucikie for a smoothie.

Apple Juice
Vanilla Pod

I dont use exact measurements if truth be told, but one or 2 spoons of honey, half a mug of apple juice and a pot of yoghurt and stir in the vanilla pod seeds and then blend. Depending on how you like it, use less or more of the honey and be careful with the AJ, you dont want to make it too watery smile

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#5 Mon 19 Feb 07 10:12pm


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Re: Hello everyone - Help needed

There really is not a right or wrong way to combine meat and veggies. You can basically combine anything you like. ;-)
The suggestion is (the one most advice agrees on) to get 5 portions of vegetables/fruit each day. Juices etc count, too. If you start your day with some fruit and then maybe have a fruit smoothie some time during the day, some veggies or a nice salad for lunch you got 3 portions already at the middle of the day. ;-)
To get new ideas for flavor combinations I suggest browsing through cook books, recipe web sites, magazines, the recipe swap forum on this site etc. Just go ahead and try things out.
It's really difficult to give you ideas when the criteria are so general, but why don't you go ahead to the recipe swap forum and either look what others have posted or ask about condiments to a specific food (along the lines of "pork chops - looking for new ideas") and most likely people will come up with some recipes or links to recipes wink

Good luck!

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