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#21 Wed 21 Feb 07 10:26pm


Occupation ady=warehouseman, deb=powerhouse/godess
From nr Heathrow , London
Member since Thu 12 Oct 06

Re: Good news everybody!

Bad luck mate,
     Keep banging on the door and sooner or later someone will let you in !.
     Good luck !, keep smiling,

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#22 Thu 22 Feb 07 12:43am


Forum champ
Occupation Duty Free Lancome and Fragrance sales
From Greater Vancouver
Member since Mon 23 Oct 06

Re: Good news everybody!

Oh, thats too bad, like ady said keep trying, you'll get there!

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#23 Thu 22 Feb 07 12:45am


Forum champ
From North Carolina
Member since Thu 15 Jul 04

Re: Good news everybody!

Keep trying Andy.  It will happen for you!!

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#24 Thu 22 Feb 07 7:09am


From Adelaide, OZ
Member since Tue 27 Sep 05

Re: Good news everybody!

B.ugger .. better luck next time Alex.  And use any feedback that they have given you so that the next position you apply for is yours.  All the best   big_smile

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