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I was planning on making Rhubarb Polenta Cake tomorrow but I've run out of polenta and none of my local stores sell it. Does anyone know if I can replace it with anything else such as semolina?  help

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Re: Polenta - PLEASE HELP

It might be marketed as coarse ground corn meal, or (I'm not sure how likely this is where you are, but there is potential) as grits... If you can't find the corn meal then farina (cream of wheat) would probably be your best alternative if you can't find anything else, but the texture is much softer and creamier...

Best of luck finding it

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Re: Polenta - PLEASE HELP

Polentacan be made with semolina - or even with cous-cous, or with coarse corn meal. I suspect it can also be made with bulgur wheat, though I've never actually tried that.

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