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New 'Traffic Light System'?????

My son has just come home from school with one of those long long letters telling us about everything thats going on. Top of the list is a new 'Traffic Light System' in the dinner hall. The purpose of this is to help children choose at least one portion of protein, carbohydrate and vegetable with each meal. This will be supported by posters and cards placed around the school. Now don't get me wrong, I am in complete agreement that we should be providing healthy meal choices at school but I think this is a step too far and it will result in our children becomming obsessed with food at an impressionable young age. There are too many adults with unhealthy food obsessions, we really don't need to be giving our children more to worry about then they already have.
I'd love to know what others think and if this has been implemented elsewhere.

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Re: New 'Traffic Light System'?????

Sounds an excellent idea!

Anything which helps children - and their parents - to understand about healthy eating and healthy living is worth encouraging.

Obsessions are caused by ignorance, and not by knowledge.

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Re: New 'Traffic Light System'?????

Sounds good  to me.  It re-instates the illusion of choice that children had earlier, while maintaining the newer, healthier regime.  As for creating obsession, knowledge, especially at a young age  is empowering.  Thus, demonstrative portioning will help children to understand the idea of a balanced diet...not a bad thing.

As it is merely a tool to a: provide the illusion of greater choice as existed earlier, and b: give guidance in the nature of balancing a diet, I see no reason to stand opposed.  However, should you really be upset, petition the council, or other government body.  After all, the squeeky wheel gets the grease (reinstated in their food) whistle

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Re: New 'Traffic Light System'?????

Mrs RKK Welcome to the forums. smile
I think that a 'traffic light' system is a fairly good idea. Children like to know what is good and what is not.
But , the school will have to be a little carefull with the colours that are used ,as there is a similar system in use for autistic children.

Red gives the meaning of stop or no
yellow gives the meaning of a warning to stop or what the child is doing is not good (e.g. shouting out,unacceptable behaviour).
Green gives the meaning of..its ok

If an autistic child goes to fetch lunch and sees the same red 'disc' that has been used in the classroom ,for example ,he/she will not recognise the different meaning.
Likewise with the other colours.
Some autistic children are very definate about what they will and won't eat, whilst others will eat anything.But if they are used to a particular system in the classroom this would automaticaly in their minds transfer to the lunchroom as it is 'school'.

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