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EU meat

I asked our meals provider where they got their chicken from in light of recent events, and was shocked to be told that all the meat is sourced in the EU.  I was told this as if it was meant to reassure me.  Why on earth isn't it all British meat at least, if not locally sourced?  The use of processed meat from an unidentified 'EU source' is disgusting.  What can I do to protest?  I know I can vote with my feet and send my children with packed lunches, but that won't make them change their practice.  Any ideas?

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Re: EU meat

Unfortunately they have every right (that's EU hmm )... Maybe you should gather all parents that really are concerned and demand from the meals provider to show you the receipts from where they buy meat etc to make food for your kids.  At least this happens at butcheries and super markets in Greece (we don't have school dinners).  Solo you are not going to do much....  neutral

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Re: EU meat

"Sourced in the EU" includes being sourced in Britain (we are part of tye EU). In general, food standards throughout the European Union are as good, if not better, than British standards.

As part of the EU standards, the origin of food must be identified and identifiable - and thus traceable. I have bought food in shops, markets and supermarkets in several EU countries, and find that it is generally of a higher standard and quality than we generally find here - with an emphasis on freshness and taste, and much less in the way of factory processed stuff.

You may, perhaps, have noticed that it was Britain (alone) which has had problems with BSE and Foot & Mouth, (which caused other countries to ban beef imports from Britain for years).

I notice too that no other EU Country has had the same sort of problems that closed down Bernard Matthews turkey processors for weeks (but, then again, af far as I know, no other country goes in for such mass turkey rearing factories.

As for chicken, I would be happy to hear that the chicken I eat is sourced in the EU - much happier than hearing it was sourced in Brazil, or Thailand, where much of it still comes from. (but, then again, I buy certified organic, and no processed stuff, so I do know where it comes from).

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