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sweet dream

i desire to cook my marriage-cake for all married couple


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Re: sweet dream

greis, what is your marriage-cake made from?

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Re: sweet dream


"With weights and measures just and true,
Oven of even heat;

Well buttered tins and quiet nerves,

Success will be complete."

Take five pounds of fervent devotion, three pounds extract of faithfulness, four quarts of heartfelt satisfaction, one pound each of prudence and good nature, six scruples each of confidence and mature deliberation, eight ounces each of gentleness and modesty, twelve scruples of matrimonial fidelity, two pounds connubial felicity, three quarts ecstatic enjoyment, one pound each of patience, industry and economy, nine ounces each of discretion and benevolence, four ounces of neatness, half pound seeds of virtue, one ounce essence of purity, seven pints sweetness of disposition. Add to this one quart balm of a thousand ills, five pints cream of excellence, one gallon milk of human kindness, one hundred grains common sense.

Mix thoroughly with cheerfulness, then pour into the golden bowl of domestic happiness, lubricated with the oil of gladness and bake in the oven of blessedness, heated with the fire of true love. While warm spread with a frosting of gracefulness. In the center place the star of hope, encircled with a wreath of smiles interwoven with pinks of perfection, and fasten the wreath with golden cords of harmony and silver threads of discourse

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young mum

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Re: sweet dream

lol  lol

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Re: sweet dream

Venus, you didn't steal your name now did you ...
Great recipe, just don't know if I'm experienced enough for this one  wink

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