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Re: Australian assistance needed!

i'm just a rather practical person - i do appreaciate that such jeans are more fashionable and (hopefully) better made than kmart levi's but i'd struggle to spend more than $100 on a pair of jeans. Mavi jeans (from isarel?) were a hit here for a while. About A$150 and they actually fit your bum and waist at the same time (no more gapping out of the waistband at the back) for women who have hips.

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Re: Australian assistance needed!

I am appauled at the pathetic quality of clothes at the moment. They are all imported from indonesia/china etc and dont last more than a couple of washes. They are also very heavily priced. I have next to no clothes left because I just dont want to pay so much for rubbish clothes. I hope this latest fashion of looking like a feral goes away very quickly!

Heres a few places that stock them..... … ans_2.html

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