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Tiramisu needed!!!

Hi, I'm looking for a really nice tiramisu recipe... Can you help me?? I've seen dozens of them in the internet...

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Re: Tiramisu needed!!!


I have made many tiramisu in my life, but this one is the best so far, and a recent descovery!

adapted from the book
Sweet As, easy to make desserts and baked treats, by Alessandra Zecchini.

beat 3 egg whites (stiff). in another bowl beat 300 ml of whipping cream, and in another 3 egg yolks with 1 tbsp of sugar. then fold everything together, beating a little (it should be nice and foamy, not too runny). use one pack of savoiardi biscuits, soak, one by one, only the sugary side in a mixture of espresso (1 small cup) + 1 tsp sugar and 15ml whisky. use hald packet first and place big_smile  the biscuits, soaked side up, in a serving bowl. cover with half of the creamy mixture, then add a second layer of soaked biscuits, and top with the reast of the cream.
Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight, and dust with (a lot of) ground espresso coffee (one hour before serving)

I can tell you that i will never use mascarpone again for a tiramisu (apparentely this used to be the poor Italians' tiramisu, because cream was cheaper) and also dusting with coffee, instead of cocoa! i couldn't believe it before trying, but the taste is amazing!

I hope you can understand the recipe, I didn't copy it word by word from the book because, althought I see a lot of people doing it, I think that it is probably illegal...if you can find the book there is also a Fruit of the Forest tiramisu (with mascarpone) but I will wait for the berry season to make it.


little Patty big_smile

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