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Hello all,
after reading numerous posts over at the school dinners thread i have seen excuses from left, right and center. one that has stood out, not just from here, but from different other places is from some parents who claim they don't have time to prepare healthy homemade meals for their family becoz of the daily grind... so i have been thinkin about compiling healthy, homemade recipes that suite younger kids, where you can find most ingredients in the cupboard or can subsitute them for other ingredients. it would also include tips about reducing childhood obesity as well as gettin younger kids in the kitchen and eatin what is cooked.
maybe down the track, i would have it published (this atm, is just a dream... i know it may not happen, lol) and i would donate all profits to a childrens charity, but as i said, this is just a dream at the moment.
so can i ask your thoughts on this, and also, can i ask for some homemade recipes that you guys cook up for your family?
lots of love,

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I have plenty of time to cook, I just dont have the energy  sad

Anyhow here is a salad recipe I used to make while I was studying. Some of the fussier kids may not eat it, but you never know. Quantities are up to you.

Mixed warm salad

Cos lettuce
Peeled waxy potatoes, cubed (can leave skin on if u like)
Onion, sliced
Cherry tomatoes, halved
Avocado, cubed
Small amount of low fat cheese, cubed or shaved parmesan
Kalamata olives (optional)
Short cut bacon (fat removed), diced

Par boil potatoes in salted water until just tender. Spray a non stick pan with olive oil spray and throw in potatoes. Season. Slowly saute until crisp on the outside. Meanwhile, in a smaller pan, saute bacon until almost crisp. Set aside. Saute onion and almost caramelised. Combine all ingredients and serve with grilled stuffed chicken breast.

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There is a cookbook published by the australian's womens weekly called "kids cooking" ...and i think there is a new one out too - it/they are books for kids on how to cook without being full of silly cartoons and primary colours.

When Jamie was here in australia he did an interview with Andrew Denton (i think) and was talking about the way people eat and that women going to work and not being replaced by someone at home has reduced the quality of the food kids eat because both parents are very tired.

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