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#1 Sun 04 Mar 07 5:19pm


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Questions for Global Owners


As part of my product design course at university, I'm looking to design a range of knives. As a starting point for my research I'm studying the Global Knife. Here's what I'm trying to find out......

1) I'm interested in why people choose to purchase Global instead of other brands, is it just the brand or something about the design.
2) Where people purchase them from, department stores or specialist cook shops.
3) How many Globals people own, whether they were bought in a set or bought individually over a period of time.
4) What users like / don't like about them, and if they'd recommend them or not, and if so why?

Any comments would be appreciated, I'm trying to work out why the brand is so successful and has managed to become such an iconic design in the kitchen.

Thanks again.

super f

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#2 Mon 05 Mar 07 2:33am

The White Rabbit

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Re: Questions for Global Owners

I've used a Global knife, it was a bit small for my hand and Mr Rabbit found that the way the blade and handle sat meant that his finger kept slipping under then end of the blade.

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#3 Mon 05 Mar 07 6:54pm


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Re: Questions for Global Owners

To be honest I think it's more to do with the design (looks) than anything else. My first set of knives got nicked (sabatier) whilst working away for my employer so he bought me my Global's as compensation. I must admit that in the eight years of using them I have never had so many cuts and scrapes. The handles are small and they tend to slip about. I know use Wusthof's and Victorinox. However they are sharp and stay sharp for quite awhile but they are hard to sharpen, you need a wet stone and a Global one will set you back £40-80!!!!!! Plus the angle guides at
£20 for two.
I bought my Globals from a friend who operates a mobile sharpening / tuning service but have seen them in some department stores and of course Nisbets.
I wouldn't recommend them and really don't know of anyone who would. Most of my chef friends have all had them and are now back to Wusthof, Sabatier, Victorinox, and some new ones called Lo-Shen ( I think). Mr Blumenthal has put his name to them so I'm sure they will fly off the shelves.
Think of this... Global were the first Japanese company to produce folded steel knives for the kitchen and when launched they used a lot of garb about the history of Jap knife making skils and the history of the Samurai and Samurai swords. No doubt it all appealed to us macho chefs and of we went and paid out loads to have trendy knives with a Samurai link.

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#4 Mon 05 Mar 07 9:10pm


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Re: Questions for Global Owners

thanks for your comments and replies,

all the feedback I'm getting at the moment is that the function of a global doesn't match up to the looks of the knives.

I think the challenge for me is to design a knife that is as attractive as a global but with much better function.

Thanks again,

all comments appreciated.

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#5 Wed 07 Mar 07 5:47pm


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Re: Questions for Global Owners

I have used some global knives and have had no problems with them, what I have found is that because I have small hands I can get a better grip than with oter makes because of the shape of the handle

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