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Re: A long long time ago...

Hi! Just trying to post a message on a different keyboard in Germany.  Why do lettters have to be in a different place?  Had lots of cocktails.javascript:emoticon('whistle')

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Re: A long long time ago...

Bob wrote:

Emmylu - if Iwas in charge of handing out jobs at Fifteen it would have gone under years ago  shocked

well, we couldnt have that, now, could we. lol.
all this talk of brownies is makin me hungry... i feel like some lindt white chocolate....

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Re: A long long time ago...

Georgie,I'll start planning the menu...  mrgreen

Mrs need for dress up....just the spoon attached to the whip should bring it proper...  cool

Thanks Ann...  big_smile

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Mrs Gibba

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Re: A long long time ago...

Fair enough, will work for me  wink

Kirsten - what are you doing in Germany?

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