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Sour Citrus Chicken

I've decided to zest every lemon I use, because I love the smell.

Anyway, about two months back I had a go at a(n unsuccessful) citrus chicken. It was 2 limes, 2 lemons and 2 oranges poured over chicken then fried.

Oh, wonder why that didn't work(?)  whistle

Anyway, today for lunch I banged out another citrus chicken. This was just served with rice, because, well, it was just a simple thing for lunch. I was going to do something with sweet mash, but the potato had gone mouldy.  sad

Anyways, it's a no brain Sour Citrus chicken.


1 lemon
2 oranges
1 chicken breast
1 tspnCorn Flour
2 tspns Sugar
1 tspn Cinnamon
1 tbspn Water

If you want you can add a bit of water to the sauce before cooking, just to dilute a bit.


Zest the lemon and oranges into a mixing bowl and add the juices of the fruit.

Add the sugar and cinnamon and give it a good mix

Heat some nut oil in a medium wok

Cut the chicken into strips

Put the chicken in the wok and fry on a medium heat until just about cooked

Pour in the sauce and continue to cook on a low-medium heat.

Use the cornflour as required to thicken the sauce to desired consistency

Serve with rice or whatever you want (rice works fine. Wholegrain's great, IMO)

Warning, like I say, this is a sour blighter, so if you don't like sour food, avoid it. You could leave the lemon out, but then it'd just be orange chicken. Actually, when I made orange chicken (with mango sauce one time, banana smoothie another time, mango pieces another time, and mango and butternut squash pieces another time) it tasted nice, so if you don't like sour, do an orange chicken.

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Re: Sour Citrus Chicken

Yer I tend to get blonde moments.
I'll let you know if I set the kitchen on fire. wink

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Re: Sour Citrus Chicken

TheBeast that sounds good.  I make something similar but i usually  use a lime and fresh minced Ginger instead of lemon and cinnamon.  Sometimes in the  summer i will cut back on the ginger and  throw in some golden thyme from my herb garden as well.

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Re: Sour Citrus Chicken

I also made another recipe using lime and ginger, Ashen. The sauce for this was much thicker, and coated the chicken rather than the chicken sitting in the sauce.

Anyways, I've not been posting up recipes lately because I've been baking (just buns to start with), and what I baked is from cookbooks, ergo nothing new.

I'll post up the recipes I made this week (I'm banging onto 1 or 2 new recipes each day, just about, now  cool  Well happy with it)

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