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pickles, chutneys etc.

I'm making a big curry for friends on Sunday (can't wait - I love curry!) I'll probably do one of Jamie's that's cooks slowly so I can just put it on in the afternoon and forget about it until its time to put the rice on!

I want to serve a pickle/chutney tray with some poppadoms - does anyone know of any good pickle/chutney/dip recipes that I could use?


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Re: pickles, chutneys etc.


Sounds yum!  I love a good curry, especially with poppadoms & pickles to start.  This is what I usually serve with them:

Lime Pickle (have to confess i buy this!)
Mango Chutney (same with this!)
Cucumber and mint raita: Mix chopped fresh mint and finely diced cucumber (remove the inner watery part) into natural yoghurt
Onion Salad: Mix finely sliced red onions with finely diced tomato, cucumber and fresh chopped corriander.  You can also add a little finely chopped chilli if you like it spicy.

Hope that helps!


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