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Flavour Shaker

I live in rural France, on a trip to Uk, bought a Flavour Shaker from Debenhams, after repeated emails to them on how to get a new seal joy,   where or how can I buy a new rubber seal... mine snapped after the first use.... can I buy it online.   ta  help

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Re: Flavour Shaker

I had a problem with the seal on the flavour shaker also. My problem was that the seal was actually missing.

I looked on the info in the packaging and I contacted the firm (by phone)that makes them,they just put a replacement in the post free of charge. Sorry I cannot remember the details of the firm but I am sure that if you look it up on the internet it will be easy enough to find.

I do not think that Debenhams will be of much help as they are just the retailer.

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