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#1 Thu 15 Mar 07 10:50am


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I do not like tomatoes,taste is dreadful.Can any  one suggest how I make any dish in the Italian range without tomatoes,but keeping coloring of red an of course the taste

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#2 Thu 15 Mar 07 12:25pm


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Re: Tomatoes

Don't try and make tomato-based dishes or ones in which tomatoes are a major ingredient; they won't be anything like they're intended to be if you leave them out or replace them.

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#3 Thu 15 Mar 07 9:05pm


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Re: Tomatoes

Love tomatoes myself, and I must agree with Anna, tomato based dishes  ... no replacing possible ...

As for a red sauce : you could try grilled red bell peppers, skinned and than stewed in olive oil with glaced onion, tyme and soft goat cheese ... very nice with pasta

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