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#1 Sat 17 Mar 07 12:33pm


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alcohol substitutes in cooking

I've heard that you can substitute alcohol in cooking with different ingredients.  Does anyone have some good alternatives?  Obviously it's not the same.  I've tried using red wine vinegar as an alternative but it didn't work well with the dish I tried.  I've also heard of juice or cordialle as a substitute but haven't tried it myself.  Has anyone tried it successfully?  And what would be the best substitute for red vs white in flavours?

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#2 Sat 17 Mar 07 1:01pm


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Re: alcohol substitutes in cooking

I've heard, but not used, beef stock with a "splash" of red wine vinegar for red wine.

Also chicken stock with a "splash" of either white wine vinegar or a small "splash" of lemon juice for white wine.

For Cointreau or Grand Marnier, try orange juice.

Try them out before serving at a "special" occasion. Sorry the amounts are not precise.

Good luck!


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#3 Sat 17 Mar 07 1:26pm


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Re: alcohol substitutes in cooking

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#4 Sun 18 Mar 07 3:31am


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Re: alcohol substitutes in cooking

I asked this question a while ago and someone gave me this link.



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#5 Sun 18 Mar 07 9:51am

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Re: alcohol substitutes in cooking

verjuice is a non-alcoholic grape juice www.maggiebeer.com.au

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#6 Mon 19 Mar 07 11:19am


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Re: alcohol substitutes in cooking

rabbit thumbsup  and really good in mocktails too

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#7 Wed 21 Mar 07 3:41pm


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Re: alcohol substitutes in cooking

i use mild vinegars instead of wine, obviously you need to thin it down a bit, a glass of wine would maybe equal a spoonful of mild vinegar. obviously the taste isnt the same but it does add flavour.

otherwise how about 0 alcohol lager?

never tried it myself. wont even have it in the fridge.


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