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dinner for dad

my dad comin down from brisbane for holiday next weekend. i havent seen him in 9 monthsand considering its his birthday thought dinner be good. plate fresh oysters.. mustard seed prawns and some sor of mussel dinner asa main course..  i was thinking oriental style dinner but i cantremember how to do te prawns.  hers what i can remember...
             shelled kng prawns deveined an buttrfly'd
             coaedwt finey chopped chilli ,olive oil an "othe stuff"

heat mustard seeds in pan till they pp. ten drop the prawns in till pink n serve on small bed of salad' fried rice  noodles..

its only an entree' but it the other stuff that i cant remember.
i was thinking coriander leaves and touch of lemon juice
any suggestions what herbs and spices would go with the mustard would be appreciated.. 
cheers guys  thisel

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Re: dinner for dad

Well I guess you can add any seasoning you like. Coriander and lemon or lime juice sounds fine. Or garlic and Italian herbs. Or.....
Good luck!

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