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Jamie on KuchniaTV

Hi everyone!!!

This is my first time here on the forum but I'm visiting this site nearly every day.

Since October I have opportunity to watch Jamie's shows on first Polish kitchen channel -KuchniaTV. Only in 5 months they show us :

- Naked Chef
- Olivier's Twist
- Jamie's Great Italian Escape
- Jamie's School Dinners
- series about project FIFTEEEN

Now they announced the newest one - Jamie at home

I'm so, so happy about it!!!!  The shows starts on March 23th  ( this Thursday!!). I just can't wait- The advert is so beutifull and yummy.

When I read about this show in Jamie's dairy I didn't expect it so soon in Poland.

I wonder if Jamie knows how popular is he in my country???

Sorry, for my English.
Bye, bye  Olga M.

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