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#1 Wed 21 Mar 07 2:26am


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Not right batter :(

Hi all! Long time no post.... not sure if anyone remembers me smile

I made asian style honey chicken last night, and the batter that the recipe prescribed didn't really do it for me - it wasn't soggy, actually turned out a lovely golden brown but it didn't really puff up or coat the chicken pieces thickly, which was what I had envisaged.

The ingredients were cornflour, plain flour, baking powder, water and salt.

Can anyone help me? It seems like such a basic question, sorry.

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#2 Wed 21 Mar 07 2:55am


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Re: Not right batter :(

It may help if you chill the batter first.  If you have no time to chill use ice cubes instead of the water quantity and whisk the mix until the ice cubes melt.

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#3 Thu 22 Mar 07 12:13am


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Re: Not right batter :(

Or..for a twist....try a light Tempura batter, right off the shelf at any supermarket...easy and tasty

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#4 Thu 22 Mar 07 3:01am


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Re: Not right batter :(

Tempura does it for me too, you can add spices or stuff like sesame seeds for a bit of variety. It is by far the most versatile batter I have ever used. I even make corn fritters for Chicken Maryland in it.

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#5 Fri 23 Mar 07 3:53pm


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Re: Not right batter :(

Menagerie, would you be able to provide some detail as to how the dish was cooked?

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