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#11 Thu 15 Mar 07 11:15pm


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Re: Rubbing ribs

Lady Red I don't think there is a bribe that would work--he is sacred with it!  Enjoy your BBq season!

bcrain----oh crap I guess I should have mentioned that to Parsley--I like to leave the rub on for atleast 30-45 minutes! I usually slow boil my ribs in the apple juice, take them out do the rub and grill them slowly for about an hour on low to medium heat---then add the cherry sauce about 10 minutes before taking off!

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#12 Fri 16 Mar 07 2:37am


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Re: Rubbing ribs

Oh, ok, I was thinking you may have done that, re: after boiling... then a cool down, blah, blah, blah... sounds good though! I think I may try it the next time I do some ribs. The kids like the bbq sauce and honey and I use that on chicken too at times but it's nice to do something a little different at times, I don't often use rubs, so thanks! Just did a Montreal spice thing with chicken tonight... hey! I think we need a YUMMY smilie available here... what say you??

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#13 Wed 21 Mar 07 3:48pm


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Re: Rubbing ribs

ok this is probably really dim on my part but does no sugar mean no honey too? i get the whole apples thing but im not sure how honey ranks on the sugar-ladder. i always use honey on my ribs. naiiiice.


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#14 Thu 22 Mar 07 8:35am

Elvis Parsley

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Re: Rubbing ribs

Did the ribs!  Nice one, Mercs, the dry rub worked very well.  Shame the old broadband doesn't!

Ellboy, no sugar means no honey too.

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