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#1 Wed 28 Mar 07 6:10pm


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Pea and ham soup: some wonderful person from ? Ontario posted...

From ? Ontario posted A recipe for pea and ham soup late last week.The kind where the soup "stands up by itself"? I serve mine with home-made breadrolls with sunflower seeds.

My daughter (19) has a problem with food. She'll eat the soup and the rolls. She's like a rake and it's a huge problem.

Know I asked before, do I need to soak the ham bone in milk/water to get rid of the saltiness. Have lost that, too.

Sorry to be such a pain in the neck.

Unfortunately my hand-held had a accident and I can't get the recipe.

Could I be a *real* pain in the neck and ask you to re-post?

Many, many thanks, and the other recipes sounded great, too. Thanks again.


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#2 Wed 28 Mar 07 8:12pm

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Re: Pea and ham soup: some wonderful person from ? Ontario posted...

See you are on-line Maree - here goes - I don't soak the ham bone ahead, but put it in a soup pot and cover with cold water, bring to a boil, skim and then start adding vegetables. I always use chopped onion, celery and carrots and one pound of dry split green or yellow peas. For seasonings I'll throw in a couple of bay leaves and salt and pepper to taste. If the ham bone isn't giving enough flavour I'll add a couple of big spoons of chicken soup base seasoning. I forgot in the original, but you can use a hand held blender or put soup through a big blender to "hide" the veggies. This soup is best eaten the next day as it will thicken more. Hope this helps you out.
Gramma Julie

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