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Hello,i'm a boy from belgium and i am 12 years old
i'm very sick because i have leukemiƫ
i'm ligging in the hospital in leuven
and i look on vtm to the program : oliver twist
i like cooking so i look every day to the program for tips
i'm a great fan of Jamie Oliver!!

Greetz from belgium

Tobias yawn

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Re: hello

Hello Tobias,
You found the best program on the Tv, believe me! Im a great fan of Jamie also and using his recipes only.
Maybe you do not have possibility in the hospital to cook but check some sandwich recipes of Jamie, its easy and quick to prepare even on your bed. Very delicious and I think very funny as these sandwiches are very very high, sometimes more than 10 centimeters  tongue

Greeting from Hungary and enjoy the huge sandwiches!!!


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Re: hello

Dear Tobias

first of all: let me hug you. It is so nice to read that a 12 year old boy is  interessted in cooking. and, to be true, Jamie makes a great show, while he's cooking. And he really is one to love. Lots of humour and fun!

If you like to and want to talk you are very welcome to send me a mail to I might have a little unusual present for you  big_smile

Hope you get well soon, because I know what you and your  parents are going through. Unfortunatly I had to make this experience with one of my children too.

All my love and a lot of kisses to brave tobias

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Re: hello

Hi little tobias,
I hope you get well soon!
A big big big kiss from italy
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