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Dave (db???)

Hi mate, my computer is still in "hospital" and my (love it) BlackBerry had a nasty accident. Have lost most of data including this forum.
Know what you mean about being inundated at work. I am everything from CEO to postbox person (and recipe creator/maker; buyer; accounts etc- you name it, I do it-sales, promo etc). Makes me wonder why I quit my day-job many times. Still, I do at least two Farmers'/Growers' markets each weekend plus my internet/phone/fax and mail orders. Oh, I also wash the dishes. My business is "me" including the packaging.

Still, it "keeps me off the streets" and the bank want me to expand to a factory etc. Don't want to do this now as (I) can't afford it; (2) Oz's newplaced work agreement clauses make it even less affordable and a bummer for employees (my opinion) and (3) I lose control of my business.

So, at the moment, am keeping it as small as I can to maintain control.

Hope you saw the stuff I posted on herb gardens. Would be lost without them (at home) and in my small business.

Cheers, friend,
PS. Let me know if I can be of any help.

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Dave Barker

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Re: Dave (db???)

Hi, I did get your herb post thanks for the input...

It does sound as though you are busy, but as you said... it keeps you off of the streets,.... and out of trouble!

I finally have 2 days off in a row!!!! it has been a long time comming... as I said before, I have been working pretty long hard hours recently. I have been doing shifts in a second restaurant on my days off for the last 2 weeks.

But finaly, I have 2 days off this week and I have deliberatly made NO plans to do anything other than look after the kids and chill out a bit while the other half is at work today...

tomorrow we are both off, and we are going to do a birthday tea for my eldest daughters birthday... so lots of cooking tomorrow!

All the best


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