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BBQ RIBS from 2nites show~!

I am looking for the marinate receipe from 2nites show for the bbq ribs. Does anyone have it or remember it???
Thanks - mazzakazza - syd thumbsup

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Re: BBQ RIBS from 2nites show~!

Sorry but no one is allowed to post anything about the show.  sad

Bob wrote:

Hi all

Thanks to all of you asking for recipes from Jamie At Home - glad you're liking them!

But he is still putting the finishing touches to his write-ups of the recipes so it's best if you wait until the book comes out to follow his own versions.

Do let us know how you get on at home when trying out the recipes yourselves but hold off from posting the recipes here - you don't want to spoil the book before it's even come out!

cheers all


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