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Brake out in a sweat,Moroccan Lamb With Apricots

Moroccan Lamb With Apricots Recipe

A Bit of this
1 1/2 lbs lean lamb, cubed    
2garlic, cloves. crushed
5tablespoons orange juice
4tablespoons olive oil   
1tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro    
1tablespoon chopped fresh mint    (optional) 
1teaspoon ground cumin    
1pinch of freshly grated nutmeg    
1onion, thinly sliced    
1/2cup dried apricots, soaked overnight just covered by water    
1/4cup pitted dried dates, coarsely chopped    
2cups broth    
1teaspoon cooking salt    
1teaspoon fresh ground black pepper    
2tablespoons sesame seeds, to garnish      
6 servings
26 hours 20 minutes 20 mins prep.

Kick it now   
In a large non-metallic dish, mix the lamb with the garlic, orange juice, 2 tablespoons olive oil, the herbs and spices. 2.Cover and leave overnight in the refrigerator, stirring occasionally. 3.Bring to room temperature when ready to cook and place on a medium heat to bring it to the boil. 4.Once at the boil quickly reduce the heat to simmer and simmer 2 hours; uncovered for final 30 minutes or until the lamb is extremely tender. 5.Taste for salt as your broth may be salty or not, before adding salt though cooking salt is a bit less "salty." To approximate Moroccan cooking salt use a kosher flaked cooking salt.Do stir quite occasionally and keep the heat low due to the natural sugar content. Cooking time includes 24 hours in the refridgerator.

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