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#1 Fri 30 Mar 07 10:11pm

lyn dashper

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Last night I watched Jamie make a potato dish to go with pork where he used half a bottle of balsamic vinegar.  I really fancy it!  Does anyone have the whole recipe that they can share? smile

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#2 Sat 31 Mar 07 6:49pm

young mum

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Re: potatoes

If its from Jamie at home, no one can help u until the book comes out!

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#3 Sun 01 Apr 07 10:33pm


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Re: potatoes

Hi Lyn... dont recall seeing that recipe but we do make a warm potato salad back in france using loads of vinegar as we say "the potatoes drink the vinegar!"... It's basically steamed potatoes to which you add chopped parsley and chives, loads of chopped shallots, seasoning and a good lashing of french dressing (+ extra vinegar to taste)... It's quite nice with smoked fish like mackerel or BBQ meat... (I'd use maybe 1/3 balsamic to 2/3 cider vinegar for the dressing)....

French_vanilla  wink

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#4 Sun 01 Apr 07 10:53pm


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Re: potatoes

hi lyn !!!!!!!!!!
by beckybloo

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#5 Mon 02 Apr 07 2:16am

The White Rabbit

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Re: potatoes

Can you describe what else was happening in the episode? THe name of the series?

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